In unserer modernen Lebensweise gibt es leider immer mehr Faktoren die zu einer Einschränkung unseres gesunden Stoffwechsels führen. Mittlerweile ist es eigentlich bekannt das ein Übermaß an Kohlenhydraten und Zucker sehr wahrscheinlich zu einer Gewichtszunahme führt. Jedoch die dann am meist genutzte Alternative

– „Protein“ doesn’t make it much better. The quickly available foods largely consist of „too much“ of simple carbohydrates that are greatly reduced in micronutrients. These then in combination with denatured proteins and trans fats (heated or denatured industrial fats) give the body everything it needs to get THICK and be SICK. There is also a lack of enzymes and fermentation – these are the important helpers without which our intestines can no longer digest properly. Glyphosate and other plant protection poisons, as well as heavy metals, do their best to destroy these helpers and our intestines have no chance. But first and foremost, before we even think about nutrients, are responsible for our metabolism:



Oxygen utilization in the cell 

Mitochondrial performance

Power plants of the cells Without enough O2 in the cell and with insufficiently efficient power plants, we cannot metabolize fats, we produce too little ATP and are therefore rather tired. We get sick more easily and we tend to gain weight with all the negative consequences. The reasons for those who do not lose weight despite exercise and low calories can also be found here. For this we have developed this metabolism power week which has already been successfully carried out with several hundred test subjects.




Bewusste Entspannung durch Bewegung.

Ihre Auszeit

Regeneration für Deinen Körper.

Einfache Anleitung

Volle Aufmerksamkeit für Deinen Körper.




Every cell training is preceded by a detailed analysis of the resting metabolism and the measurement of body composition and heart rate variability. The intensity of the cell training is adapted to the results of the analysis. This is breathing training on a gecko altitude training system which first of all significantly lowers the oxygen content in the blood and thus triggers a stimulus and training effect on the mitochondria. There are controlled breathing phases with little oxygen and alternating with a lot of oxygen. The mitochondria become fitter, divide more and switch to fat burning more quickly by being able to absorb more oxygen again. The great thing about it – you breathe while lying down using a breathing mask and can relax deeply.For an intensive stimulation of fat burning (only for healthy people) we recommend doing this up to 7 times in the metabolism intensive week. In connection with the breathing exercises, this also significantly increases the CO2 tolerance. Cell training with analysis takes 75 minutes and costs 100 euros

Time Out statt Burnout!

Mal ehrlich: Wann hast Du Dir das letzte Mal eine richtige Pause gegönnt?

Unser Körper & Geist läuft stet’s auf Hochtouren. Mit unserem Programm „Progressive Muskelentspannung (PMR)“ nach Jacobsen gönnen wir Dir eine richtige Pause vom stressigen Alltag!


The program for the week is designed so that you can use different strategies

and biohacks to learn to get your metabolic hormones going again

and the purification of the body is favored.



  Why metabolism week?

The metabolism is our engine, which supplies our cells with everything they need, removes toxins and waste products from the body, sheds excess pounds and leaves a wonderful feeling of lightness. Your metabolism can only function perfectly if you provide it with the right material and create the necessary conditions for it. This week’s main goal is to get the powerhouses / mitochondria in the cells fit again and to add more oxygen to the cells. Thus, the entire organism is led to a predominant fat burning again and the hormone balance is brought into swing. it d

The hormonal balance gets going. 70 – 80% fat burning is the ideal metabolic situation for us humans, which leads to more energy and naturally less obesity. This is what sets this week and recommendations apart from many other forms of diet that are primarily aimed only at weight loss. In addition, by increasing the metabolism-relevant hormones, especially the growth hormone HGH – Human Growth Hormon, you get a significantly better and younger body feeling. ake it much better.






Dein 8 Wochen Entspannungsprogramm nach Jacobsen.

Teste jetzt die kostenlose Probeeinheit! Sage einfach „Alexa, starte Gesundarium“ oder höre Dir die Testeinheit hier online an.

Starten wir gemeinsam das 8 Wochen Entspannungsprogramm!

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